1000 Calorie Diet And Meal Plan For Weight Loss

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In this article, I will show you my all-time best 1000 calorie diet for rapid weight loss that has worked for all my clients in the past and recent years.

This 1000 calorie diet can be used by both men and women, but to be more specific, I will give you a different 1000 calorie diet for both men and women.

Remember, this 1000 calorie diet might become too restrictive but this will definitely be going to help you in losing weight.

Before starting with this 1000 calorie diet, just ask yourself Why you want to start with this 1000 calorie diet?

If you are too fat and all your clothes in the wardrobe are just kept inside for a showcase, and if you want to get slimmer to wear those beautiful clothes

Then you might start with this diet plan.

Again, just a piece of quick information for you

Before you begin with any of the diets whether it is High Protein diet, High fat diet, High Carb diet or even with this diet, you should always first calculate your maintenance calories.

And, if you are looking for a weight loss, then according to me the only thing which works in weight loss is to be Calorie deficit.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I know that there lot many factors which determine or helps your weight loss.

But you need to be in a calorie deficit.

Now, if you are new to this then let me clear this for you in very simple terms

Calorie deficit = Eating fewer calories then your daily calories requirement.

Now, without any further ado let dive into,

1000 Calorie Diet

Now, this 1000 calorie diet is a non-veg diet plan and after this, I have also provided the diet plan for vegans.


1000 calorie diet plan

Oats with milk + 2 Eggs

Protein = 18 grams

Carbs = 17 grams

Fats = 18 grams

Calories = 308

Mid- Morning:

Green tea to drink on 1000 calorie diet

Apple ( small size) + Green Tea

Protein = 0 grams

Carbs = 20 grams

Fats = 0.8 grams

Calories =88


Chicken breast

Chicken Breast (100 grams) + Salad (80 grams)

Protein = 21 grams

Carbs = 4  grams

Fats = 2 grams grams

Calories = 187

Evening Snack:

Close-Up Photography of Coffee

Brown Bread (2 slice) + Peanut Butter (2tbsp) + Black Coffee

Protein = 7 grams

Carbs = 30 grams

Fats = 6 grams

Calories = 202


Top View Of Food

Sweet Potato(50 grams) + Salad(80 grams) + Chicken Breast(100 grams)

Protein = 21 grams

Carbs = 13 grams

Fats = 2 grams

Calories = 230

Quick Overview :

Just to recap the above 1000 calorie diet

1000 calorie diet

In this 1000 calorie diet, the total macro breakdown is given below:

Protein = 70 grams

Carbs = 85 grams

Fats = 45 grams(approx)

Note: In the 1000 calorie diet, I have not included the amount of fat which is going to use afterward like in cooking oil and other stuff.

So, don’t get confused about the number of fats in the final macro breakdown.

This diet plan is a well and balanced diet for anyone who weighs 160 pounds and for the people who are looking for a weight loss.

This 1000 calorie diet is completely for weight loss.

Now, in this diet plan, you can obviously add more protein to your meal depending upon your needs.

Now, as promised at the beginning of this diet

Let’s check out

Vegan 1000 Calorie Diet Plan 


Black Ceramic Bowl Filled With Cereal

Whey Protein 1 Scoop + Oats with milk and cherries

Protein = 27 grams

Carbs = 18 grams

Fats = 8 grams

Calories = 285


Clear Glass Mug

Green Tea

It has 0 Calories


Bowl Of Soup And Two Silver Spoons

1 bowl of Cabbage Soup

Protein = 3 grams

Carbs = 15 grams

Fats = 0.3 grams

Calories = 65

Evening Snack:

Closeup Photo of White and Black Printed Ceramic Mug Beside Pastry

2 Slice brown bread + Peanut Butter(2tbsp) + Black Coffee

Protein = 7 grams

Carbs = 28 grams

Fats = 3 grams

Calories = 171


Vegetable Salad on White Ceramic Plate

Cottage Cheese(100 grams) + Yogurt + 1 bowl Veg Soup

Protein = 26 grams

Carbs = 18 grams

Fats = 27 grams

Calories = 488

Quick Overview of Vegan 1000 Calorie Diet Plan 

1000 calorie diet

In this diet plan for vegetarians, the overall calories are 1009.

Which is completely fine and you can go with this diet plan to lose weight.

That’s it from the 1000 calorie diet

But in this diet plan, I have covered some important points which you must to focus or considered before starting with this diet plan.

Low Carb 1000 calorie diet plan:


1 glass of Whey protein with water.

Protein: 22.5g

Carbs: 2g

Fats: 2g


150 grams of boiled chicken breast and 1 bowl of lentils

Protein: 54g

Carbs: 20.8g

Fats: 5g

Evening Snack:

1 cup of coffee with milk

Protein: 4g

Carbs: 12g

Fats: 7.3g


100 grams of chicken breast + 2 eggs + a bowl of cucumber salad

Protein: 54g

Carbs: 9g

Fats: 13g

Total calories of low carb 1000 calorie diet plan is 1004.

1000 calorie diet checklist:

1. List of all the items to be consumed during this 1000 calorie diet

2. Eating 1000 calories a day and exercising. YES or NO?

3. Benefits of the 1000 calorie diet

4. Side effects of the this diet plan.

5. Is it healthy to be on 1000 calorie diet?

I will cover each and every point in details.

So, let’s dive into the first point

1. What to Eat in 1000 calorie diet(List of all items):

This 1000 calorie diet is basically for the one who is looking for a weight loss and this diet includes small meals.

This diet plan does not comprise of big and heavy meals.

It’s just simple and short.

  •  Include more protein foods in your meals, I would suggest you take at least 1 gram of protein per body weight(kgs)
  • Reduce the number of carbs and fat in your overall diet
  • In 1000 calorie diet try to include or cover your calorie portions more from the soup in order to add more dietary fibers.
  • Include more Green Veggies or Raw vegetables in your meal. I have been telling this from years, by adding more vegetables like carrot, spinach, beetroot, cauliflower, bell peppers, broccoli.

All these vegetables will help you to improve the immune system and also will boost your metabolism.

One interesting fact is that by adding more raw vegetables in your diet, this alone can help you to lose weight and more specifically it helps in reducing the lower belly fat.

  • Fruits like apple, banana, strawberry, blueberries, kiwi and a portion of watermelon.

Food Items to Avoid On 1000 Calorie diet:

1. All the items that are loaded with lots of sugars and salt.

In short, try to reduce the amounts of sugar and salt from your diet.

2. Do not consume more unsaturated fats.

3. Do not consume any packed foods for at least for 2 weeks.

4. Avoid getting protein from sources like beef, pork, lamb.

Protein-rich foods

Now, I’m not telling that this source of protein is not good but they are high fats too.

So, you don’t need any extra fats in your diet.

2. Eating 1000 Calories a day and exercising. YES or NO?

Well to be very honest, you are already restricting yourself by not eating much.

Anyhow you are much in a calorie deficit.

If you follow this diet plan for at least 1 week you will surely lose 1-5 lbs of fats from your body depending on your metabolism rate.

So, I don’t recommend anyone to exercise much during your this diet.

But, if you still feel to do some kind of exercise, then I would recommend you to just go for a walk for 15-20 minutes.

Follow this routine 2 times a week and not more than that.

Again, remember that do not stress yourself with much exercise routine.

By doing more exercise on a daily basis during this diet will make you lazy and after some time you will become weak.

So, I recommend you not to do much exercise during this diet plan.

3. Benefits of 1000 Calorie diet:

1. This diet plan is for weight loss and there is no doubt that you can’t lose weight.

So, this diet plan helps in weight loss.

2. In this diet plan, you will obviously be going to eat less and you will focus more on dietary fiber.

So, it will help in maintaining a good nutrition value in your diet plan in terms of macros.

3. No excess sugar and salt in this diet plan. So ultimately your body will lose fat and you can lose your stubborn belly fat easily.

4. This diet plan includes foods like raw vegetables, black coffee, and green tea, so these items are natural metabolism booster and also helps in living a healthy life.

5. All the meal plan in this diet are easy, healthy and simple to cook, so it saves your time.

4. Side effects of the 1000 calorie diet plan:

1. This diet plan cannot be used for the long term for weight loss program.

Because there will be a point where your body will not respond to this diet plan, you need to switch or change your diet plan.

2. People forget to add raw vegetables, or they don’t like Green tea and Black Coffee, so due to lack of proper rich nutrient foods, it might lower your metabolic rate.

If your metabolism is slow then, you will lose weight at lower speed.

3. This diet plan is very restrictive in terms of foods, so this might tempt you to go for unhealthy foods.

4. This diet plan might turn out to very strict and it might make you feel lazy and fatigue.

5. Lack of energy.

5. Is it healthy to be on 1000 calorie diet?

Well, this totally depends on an individual. This diet plan is basically for the short term and this usually is given to bring a sudden change in your calorie intake.

I don’t recommend anyone to follow this diet plan for the long term.

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Do’s and Don’t of 1000 calorie diet:

1000 calorie diet

So, that’s from the 1000 calorie diet.

Follow the instruction which I have given and you will lose weight.



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  1. I used to weigh 84 Kg but since I’m following this 1000 calories diet plan along with the work out suggested by famfits team from 04 August 2019 I have lost 4kg in 10 days. Thank you famfits team will continue to follow the instructions suggested by you. Cheers ✌️?

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